About Mamaroneck History

At you will find descriptions, photographs and other resources pertaining to the early history of Mamaroneck Town and its two villages, Larchmont and Mamaroneck. The site is maintained by residents who aim to discover and share what they have learned.

About Slavery in Mamaroneck Township

slavery150150Slavery in Mamaroneck Township is the first publication of It is an online project led by Ned Benton, a member of the Larchmont Historical Society. The goal is to document what is known about slavery, slaves and slaveholders in Mamaroneck Township, from the early 1600s when slavery was introduced to the area, to 1827 when it was finally abolished. As additional information is uncovered, more material will be posted here.

Many of the graphics for this site are taken from the mural “The Marriage of James Fenimore Cooper to Susan DeLancey, 1811″ painted in 1937 by Warren Chase Merritt for the Mamaroneck Public Library.

All of the articles were researched and authored by Ned Benton. Many were published first in The Larchmont Gazette, starting in 2005Others were published first with The Larchmont Historical Society. The project owes a debt of gratitude to Judith Doolin Spikes, whose books, frequently referenced within the site, are essential to understanding who the slaveholders were and where they lived.


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Slaveholders and Slaves: The List

For each known slaveholder, there is a name and the name(s), if known, of the slaves in the household. Also listed is additional information, where available, on the individuals.


Slavery in Mamaroneck Township: Remembering Bet, Phelby…

Who were the slaves in Mamaroneck? Bet, Phelby, Candice, Nelly, Charlot, Jack, Hannibal, Telemaque, George, Lewis, Dorathea and others?

 Two Local Slaves “Recaptured”

Two Mamaroneck slaves escaped their masters over 220 years ago. Their story was only recently discovered.

 More Slaves at Heathcote Hill

A list of local slaves compiled in 2005, gains additional names in 2006 based on an 1883 memoir.

 Local Slaves Found in Canada

What happened to the two Mamaroneck slaves who escaped, fought with the British in the Revolutionary War and left for Canada? The story continues.

Joseph Stewart,”The Governor” Slave

Who was the shadowy figure depicted in the painting in the historic DeLancey home on Heathcote Hill?