REALM Request for Expressions of Interest from Artists

The Project in Brief: Call for Artists

The community-based group known as REALM (Recognizing Enslaved Africans of Larchmont and Mamaroneck) is looking for artists to submit proposals for a memorial honoring the contributions of the 147 enslaved persons who resided in Mamaroneck Township from 1698 to 1817. The memorial will be placed in front of the Mamaroneck Town Center.

Contact email:

Deadline for first phase: November 30, 2021

Honorarium – $600 for finalists

Artist(s) should submit the following to

1 – short bio
2 – CV/resume
3 – 5-10 images of your work – JPEG format. 300 dpi, 4 x 6 ins (1200 x 1800px). Please label with name-title-medium-dimensions-date.
4 – Brief narrative and/or sketches of your proposal/s for the memorial. Maximum of three.

More Details: REALM’s History, Mission & Goals 

REALM’s efforts stem from our research into the history of enslavement in the Town of Mamaroneck. That history is described at 

Our Mission: Through research, education, and civic engagement, we aim to honor the history, humanity and contributions of the 147 enslaved men, women, and children who resided in Mamaroneck Township between 1698 and 1817. Our goals are to: 

  1. Engage the Community in Recognizing the enslaved individuals. 
  2. Create a Memorial to honor their contributions. 
  3. Produce Educational Programs in conjunction with the memorial. 
  4. Raise Funds for the memorial and the programs. 

REALM is looking for proposals from artists for a memorial with the following properties:

  • The memorial should be respectful of the enslaved people as individuals and reflect their diverse identities and contributions.  
  • It should evoke an authentic connection to Mamaroneck’s past, people and events. 
  • It should invite viewers to learn about our history and to respect it going forward. 
  • It should promote reverence, reflection and healing. 
  • The artwork should work from a distance (as people drive into the Town Center) as well as from close up. 
  • The memorial should work from various perspectives; people may be viewing it from many sides. 
  • It should work with nature to create something meaningful and unique.  
  • We are open to various artistic approaches. 
  • The memorial may include one or more elements that reflect the contributions of the enslaved Africans. 

Proposed Location of Memorial:

In coordination with our local elected officials, REALM has identified a site for the memorial on a hill in front of the Mamaroneck Town Center at 740 W Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10543. REALM plans to engage private or governmental landscaping services to develop the site and install the memorial. 



Budget to be Determined

Role of the Artist 

  • Proposing ideas for the artwork (one or more preliminary concepts) 
  • Once selected, guiding REALM and the community to narrow in on the final concept 
  • Creating the artwork (or helping arrange for its fabrication) 
  • Guiding REALM on any infrastructure required for installation  
  • Providing input on the related landscaping 
  • Supervision of the memorial’s installation  

Artist Selection Process 

  • REALM will review submissions to this proposal and develop a list of 3-5 semi-finalists. 
  • REALM will provide an honorarium of $600 for each semi-finalist.
  • REALM will invite each semi-finalist to an individual meeting to discuss ideas and concepts. 
  • REALM will narrow the number of artists and concepts to 1-2, and will request more details, including estimated costs.  
  • In coordination with the Town Council, REALM will select an artist and a concept.  
  • REALM will negotiate a contract with the finalist. 

 Selection Criteria:  

  • The artist (or team of artists) should demonstrate understanding of REALM’s mission. 
  • The preliminary proposals should reflect REALM’s goals. 
  • The preliminary proposals should demonstrate an understanding of the advantages and challenges of locating a memorial at the selected site. 
  • The artist should have relevant experience or understanding of the challenges of creating durable artwork for an outdoor setting. 
  • It is desirable, but not required that the artist have the ability to move the artwork through the various stages: concept, creation/fabrication, installation 
  • Also desirable is experience working with community stakeholders to engage, encourage and motivate their participation in the development and appreciation of the memorial.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at

Guide to Slavery in Mamaroneck Township

Printed under the auspices of The Westchester Jewish Center’s Racial Justice Task Force. Designed by Mosa Tanksley in collaboration with WJC and REALM with funds from a UJA grant.