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John O’Neal

More than 100 years after his death, the Larchmont Historical Firefighters will add John O’Neal to Mamaroneck’s temporary civil war memorial at the Larchmont and Mamaroneck American Legion Posts. O’Neal was a Mamaroneck, NY resident who served in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War aboard the U.S.S. Malvern, President Lincoln’s flagship of the North…

Proposal by the Larchmont Historical Fire Company Rededication of Hoyt Avenue in Memory of Corporal Nicholas H. Hoyt New York 5th Infantry – Died February 18, 1863 Whereas, Nicholas H. Hoyt appears in the 1860 census of Mamaroneck.  Whereas, Nicholas H. Hoyt appears with his wife Susan and four relatives or children Adalaide, 14, James, 12,  Melissa,…

James Merritt

Born: abt 1828 Born in: Westchester Co New York, Enlisted: 1861 5th Infantry Source: Mamaroneck Burial Ground

Henry Edouard

Bonr:  abt 1828 Born in: France Enlisted in: Mamaroneck Service: 5th Infantry Town Other Source: 1863 List

George R. Baxter

Born: abt 1840 Born in: Mamaroneck Enlisted: 1863 Service: 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Additional Source: Town 1863 List