Mamaroneck in the Civil War

The Town of Mamaroneck has no memorial to soldiers who fought in the Civil War. A common belief has been that the records are too unreliable to accurately identify the people who should be honored. For example, Captain Frederick Whittaker, in the History of Westchester County New York  (J. Thomas Scharf, 1886) wrote that “I regret much that there is no reliable official record accessible of the names of men, bona fide residents of the different towns in the count, who enlisted therefrom and died in the service. In some towns, the patriotism of the people in charge secured such a record; but even then the papers are, in too many cases, cast aside in a mass of rubbish, impossible of extrication.”

Enlistment Record of Nicholas Hoyt – Born in Mamaroneck

However the records are not actually missing. New technologies make it possible to access military, draft, census, cemetery and genealogical records that identify people with connections to the Town of Mamaroneck who fought in the Civil War, including several who died while in service.

The articles and documents in this collection identify people with a connection to Mamaroneck who might be recognized in a memorial to our Civil War soldiers.