Mamaroneck Civil War Chronology

The following is a chronology of some of the Civil War events that provide a context to understand the war as it was experienced in Mamaroneck.

November 1860 Election in Westchester

  • Union Electoral Ticket: 8,126 votes
  • Republican (Lincoln) Ticket: 6,171 votes

April 1861

  • Attack on Fort Sumpter
  • Lincoln calls for 75,000 militia, nationwide, for 3 months to “suppress the rebellion.”
  • NY responds with 30,000 volunteers for 2 years.

1861 County Board Resolution

  • Resolved, That no man shall be permitted to leave the County of Westchester for the seat of war, unless he shall go voluntarily, cheerfully, and with a heart for the work.
  • Resolved, That the county of Westchester, by a resort to her pecuniary resources, has abundant power and ability to achieve this end, and that it is both justice and patriotism to do so.

1861 Resolution of the Town Council of New Castle

  • Whereas, The Town on New Castle has already sent to the field quite a number of volunteers; and
  • Whereas, Some eight or ten of them having got homesick, and have returned without leave of their officers to see their friends, (those that keep liquor especially) and
  • Whereas the Deputy Sheriff has greatly disturbed these visitors and taken some to the Provost Marshal, and will not allow the remainder to assist us in getting our hay and harvest without giving said visitors great fears; and
  • Whereas, the weather is not good for getting said hay,
  • Resolved,
    • that a Committee of one be appointed by said town to beset Jefferson Davis at Richmond, and
    • that said Committee be instructed to inform said Jefferson Davis that he has always been his friend and advocate, but unless the said Jefferson Davis will grant a cessation of hostilities until after haying and harvesting, he, said Committee, will stop opposing the draft.

March 1862

  • Westchester issues “Bounty Bonds” to support soldier families and pay for substitutes.

July 1863 Draft Riots

  • The march on Mount Vernon “to burn down the houses of all the republicans in that place!”

1863 Draft in Mamaroneck

  • The P