List of Civil War Veterans With Mamaroneck Associations

This table identifies soldiers who fought in the Civil War for whom we can document a relationship to the Town of Mamaroneck, New York, and the subsequently established Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck, including the Rye Neck section of the Village of Mamaroneck. The name “Mamaroneck” used below refers to all of these areas. Our policy is intentionally inclusive. If documents conflict, we accept the document asserting the Mamaroneck relationship. We recognize that soldiers often deserve to be honored by more than one community.  The following documented relationships are included:

  • An enlistment or muster record documenting that the soldier was born in, or enlisted in Mamaroneck.
  • A census record showing that a soldier lived in Mamaroneck before or after documented service.
  • Notation of prior Civil War enlistment in the 1862 Mamaroneck document of residents titled “Enrollment of Persons Liable to Military Duty.”
  • Identification in the Westchester Cemetery Collections as a civil war veteran in a Mamaroneck Cemetery.
  • Identification in the 1890 Special Census Schedule as a Civil War veteran residing in Mamaroneck.

This memorial is based on ongoing research by the Historical Fire Company of the Larchmont Historical Society. Because the research is ongoing, the memorial will be periodically updated based on new documentation. We invite recommendations for additional soldiers to be included.

At a time when there is confidence that the Civil War Memorial list is complete, we believe that one or more physical memorials should be created.


Name Birth Birth Place Enlistment  Regiment Other Documents
George Wells abt 1822   Mamaroneck, 1862 6th Artillery (Heavy) 1862 Enrollment
Isaac W Taylor abt 1835   1861 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment
Jeremiah R. Boughton 1837   1864 134th Infantry 1862 Enrollment
Oliver Brower abt 1840   Mamaroneck, 1863 13th Artillery 1862 Enrollment
William A L Seaman abt 1840 Mamaroneck 1862 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment
Charles E. Wells (or W.)  abt 1841   New York, 1862 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
George R Baxter abt 1840 Mamaroneck 1863 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
Jacob Hall abt 1841 Mamaroneck New York, 1862 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
Patrick McTiernan abt 1818 Ireland Mamaroneck, 1862 6th Artillery (Heavy) 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
Richard E Seaman abt 1838 Mamaroneck 1862 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
Thomas J. Coles Abt 1831   Baltimore, 1862 4th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
William H Fisher abt 1842 Mamaroneck New York, 1862 5th Infantry 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List
Sidney Smith abt 1840   Mamaroneck, 1862 6th Artillery (Heavy) 1862 Enrollment, Town 1863 List, Cemetery Records
Henry Chapman abt 1843 Mamaroneck 1862 164th Infantry Also see Zouave Database
Franklin Rocks       59th Infantry Cemetery Records
Ralph Bradley       169th Infantry Cemetery Records
Thomas C. Conrow       14th New Jersey Cemetery Records
Disbrow, David R.       1st Ny Cavalry Cemetery Records
Dutcher, Benjamin       15th NY Militia NG Cemetery Records
Myrick, John       US Navy Cemetery Records
Schmrtz, Wilhelm       7th NY Volunteer Inf Cemetery Records
Heyler, William       159th NY Infantry Cemetery Records
Staples, Ernest       14th NY Cavelry Cemetery Records
Willis, John       1st NY Engineers Cemetery Records
Ferris Palmer       49th NY Infantry Cemetery Records, 1893Census
William Barnard       1st NY Artillery Cemetery Records, 1893Census
Davis, Alfred W.       159th NY Infantry Census 1893
John W. Weeks       6th NY Artillery Census 1893
Butterfield, Alonzo C       6th NH Infantry Census 1893
Berrien, Lawrence       156 Ny Volunteer Inf Census 1893
Charles McKnight Leoser 1839  Reading, PA USMA West Point, 1861 11th Infantry Commendation, news reports
Watson, Lucius B.       98th Infantry Gedney Cemetery
Theal, Isaac L       158th Infantry Mamaroneck Burial Ground
William Barnard 1835   Lonville. NY 1861 1st Artillery Mamaroneck Burial Ground
James Merritt abt 1828 Westchester Co New York, 1861 5th Infantry Mamaroneck Burial Ground, Cemetery Records
Nicholas Hoyt abt 1835 Mamaroneck 1861 5th Infantry Mamaroneck Census, Death Certificate
Henry Edward abt 1828 France Mamaroneck 5th Infantry Town 1863 List
William A Sickles abt 1841 Mamaroneck 1862 5th Infantry Town 1863 List
Alfred F Willis abt 1831 Mamaroneck 1862 4th Artillery (Heavy)  
Emile Theinbaud abt 1827 France Mamaroneck, 1862 6th Artillery (Heavy)  
Franklin Rocks abt 1826 Mamaroneck 1861 59th Infantry  
John B Remsen abt 1843   Mamaroneck, 1863 13th Artillery  
Joshua E Fowler abt 1824 Mamaroneck 1862 6th Artillery (Heavy)  
Robert Wright abt 1828 Mamaroneck 1863 158th Infantry  
Samuel A Lawrence abt 1844 Mamaroneck 1862 5th Infantry  
Samuel Murdock abt 1839   Mamaroneck, 1861 27th Infantry  
William H Schnhelton abt 1837   Mamaroneck, 1863 13th Artillery  
William J Smith abt 1837 Mamaroneck 1861 84th Infantry  
Brower, Bloomfield       7th Regiment NY Militia  
Ammann, Charles F       46th NY Infantry  
Fairchilds, John C       2nd Ny Artillery  
Halsted, William H.       7th Reg. NY Militia  
Snyder, Daniel W.       40th NY Imfantry  
O’Connor John       13th NY Caverly  
Burger Gabriel S.       6th NY Artillery  
Harper, Thomas S.       41st NY Infanrtry  
Schumann, Hugo       41st NY Infanrtry  
Richmond, Seleden P.       46th Iowa Infantry  
Nichols William H.       USN US Steamer Winona  
Perrin, Alfred M       5th NY Infantry  
Sewall, Henry W.       19th Maine Infantry  
Henry Perry       88th PA Infantry  
Anderson, Frederick T.       Confederate Army Cemetery Records