Welcome to Mamaroneck History!

Here you will find descriptions, photographs and other resources pertaining to the early history of Mamaroneck Town and its two villages, Larchmont and Mamaroneck. The site is maintained by residents who aim to discover and share what they have learned.

The site currently focuses on two main subjects: Mamaroneck in the Civil War and Slavery in Mamaroneck.  

The research is led by Ned Benton, a member of the Larchmont Historical Society and a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

Mamaroneck in the Civil War

Until recently, the participation of local residents in the Civil War has been largely forgotten: there are no monuments or plaques commemorating those who fought or died in the effort. The goal of this project is to recover the names of all participants and, to the extent possible, learn about their contributions. 

Slavery in Mamaroneck 

The goal of this project is to document what is known about slavery, slaves and slaveholders in Mamaroneck Township, from the early 1600s when slavery was introduced to the area, to 1827 when it was finally abolished. As additional information is uncovered, more material will be posted here.

Most articles appeared first in The Larchmont Gazettestarting in 2005Others were published first with The Larchmont Historical Society. The project owes a debt of gratitude to Judith Doolin Spikes, whose books, frequently referenced within the site, are essential to understanding who the slaveholders were and where they lived.